I wanna go to Russia – I need a visa?

Hey Folks – thanks for tuning in! To answer your question, YES! To visit Russia you will need to obtain a Russian Visa. I made this video on “How to Get a Russian Visa”. I am a US Citizen, and as stated in the video, I used the following to help in my process.

1. To get the letter of Invitation, I used the Hostel I will be staying at called Soul Kitchen Hostel. The link to obtain this letter from them is:

Invitation Letter from Soul Kitchen Hostel

2. While I was waiting for this letter, I researched and decided to use the services of Visa Express to process the application for me. Their link is below:

Company I used to process the Visa Application for me – Visa Express

So, as the video explains in detail what to do, just keep in mind, you must exercise patience with this process and know that it was approximately 350.00$ after all fees and photos.

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