Middle East travel – Should you and IS IT SAFE?




Folks – with so much going on in Israel, Egypt and many of the neighboring Middle East countries these days, I wanted to add a page on my site about traveling to the Middle East and the safety of traveling to this area right now.

Now, the Middle East has always been known to be a place of great unrest but while this is true, it is also a great place, probably one of the greatest for history to be seen in person. As many of my readers know, I have now been to Israel twice (most recently for Passover this year) and Egypt in October of 2015 and both trips were visited safe and sound by me and my travel mate.

I had the great opportunity of staying at the amazing Abraham Hostel again. I have more to share on this topic and wanted to share an interview I did with my travel mate on his experience going to the Middle East for the first and to share with us if he found it safe or not….

Of course, this is based on his experience with travel to the Middle East and here are the tips he shared on his first Middle East trip:

1. Research all you can, before you go
2. Safety was his main concern, he did more reading and research before he went on this trip
3. Be sure to read about the WEATHER before you go. The Middle East is very different with this
4. He would travel to the Middle East again, Egypt of course and any other Middle East country

As this topic is a very BIG one, this is just my first installation on it. There will be more to come and as always and for ever, “ordinary people can travel to EXTRA ordinary places”…including the Middle East!

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Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places