To go on a cruise or not – THAT IS THE ?

Hello Folks! As Hamlet famously asked himself – to be or not to be – that is the question. Well, maybe he didn’t mean cruise ship traveling BUT that’s what we mean here. HA, HA HA!!!!

I wanted to bring my own insight into this topic as it is one that most of us, who may not have taken a cruise, ask of ourselves. To better assist me with this topic though, I decided to interview my mother and travel companion. She didn’t want to be seen so it is mainly an audio segment, but you can at least see me as I interview her.

Leave your comments if you wish!!! Again, this video is to help people who have often thought about cruising and haven’t done it as well as hopefully encouraging folks to take a cruise. Stay tuned for more fun travel stuff to come! Thanks!

As my motto goes, “Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places”…

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Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places