A place where I can TOUCH AND PLAY the machines???

Ummm…That’s like SO SOVIET COOL!!!!













So, the title says it all – yes, you can touch and actually play these authentic Soviet Era Arcade Machines.

As a fan and passionate aficinado of vintage ANYTHING, hence why this place was so attractive, it tickled my fancy for the old as well as being able to physically experience the vitage for myself.

When I walked in, I was immediately greeted in Russian but in 2 seconds the addorable young lady that works there switched to English and gave me the low down on how things “operate” there.

She explained that for 450 RUS rubles, I would get 15 Soviet Era tokens and did say to me, “BE SURE NOT TO KEEP ONE PLEASE”…hence why I took a pic of it instead.

She also explained to me that only machines that had their lights on were operating. My first thought was, great that means none will be working.

After paying, I walked around and found that 98% of the machnes were working and worked VERY well. My Russian is none and the instructions are in Russian.

HOWEVER, it doesnt take a Rocket Scientist to figure out, how to push a button to launch a torpedo or how to pull a trigger to hit targets.

Folks, the graphics and technology on these arcades were just amazing. But my favorite part of this place was the fact that is was NOT TOURISTY AT ALL!!!!

So my overall experience of the place was SO SOVIET COOL and highly recommend you check this Soviet Era Arcade Museum And keep in mind…..

As GlobeTrotterChris says, ORDINARY PEOPLE can and should travel to Extra Ordinary places to collect EXTRAORDINARY memories…..

Thank You!


Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places