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It was my good fortune that at the time I was visiting St. Petersburg, Russia the museum had a change in their hours and the way folks can visit the museum. It was open to ALL tourists, regardless if you were with a guided tour or not, but they are closed on Friday’s now.

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What I did was, I got there just around they time they were to open, which was around 10:15 am and was in line. You need to cover your feet and they don’t let coats or bags in, so there is a coat checkroom available. This proved to be a good thing as this museum can and WILL get crowded.

The major section everyone flocks to is the room with the Imperial Eggs. What I did was, if there was a large group coming through, I would go to another section of the museum and just wait til the group was done. This allowed me time to feel as if the eggs were all my own for a moment.

Any visitor to this museum needs to understand, the eggs are only PART of the exhibition they have. It gives you a great over view of the many and I do mean MANY aspects and other items Faberge and the firm produced for it’s various customers. The museum gives you a more chronological aspect than anything else, culminating w/ the main artery, the room with the eggs.

Photography IS allowed (but absolutely NO flash) and as you can tell (Yes, my photos were taken with my iPhone 6) and they are pretty good. If you are not sure about the quality of the pics your phone / camera will take, there are many museum guides you can choose from and I ended up buying 2. These photos are amazing and will make anyone salivate at the sight of the eggs and other items.

Also, for those of you that wish to get a “replica” egg, this is probably the best place for a good quality one. Of course, I did not buy one cause it will NEVER be the real thing. Anyway folks, enjoy this museum as it was and is one of the BEST in all of St. Petersburg!

P.S. If I had a wish for ANY piece from the museum to be mine, it was the really neat little chair. It turned out to be one of my favorites. Just look how cute it is!!!

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Faberge Museum – St. Petersburg, Russia

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