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Hello readers and fellow bloggers and travel bugs! So, it’s been a while since I went on my Peru / Salkantay trek up to Machu Picchu and felt it was time to write a long overdue review of the company I used and my overall experiences. It is my hope to help anyone out there in the cyber world with this trip who has questions, if this is your next adventure or one of your bucket list places to visit, it’s my joy to share w/ you.

Email Me w/ any questions, I’m always willing to help…

Once I decided to make this my next trip, I quickly learned that the one topic which comes up over and over again is whether to choose the Inca Trail (the most famous way to get to Machu Picchu) or the less traveled trail (Salkantay Pass). After much debating in my mind, seeing how I am a traditionalist and wanted to go mainly for the spiritual experience, I decided to go w/ the Salkantay Pass option. In retrospect, I truly feel I made the absolutely right decision.

After much searching online and reading through all the companies who provide services for trips to Peru, I decided to go with Castle Travel. I have to give a greatly deserved BRAVO to the company I used for setting up all parts of the trip for me. From beginning to end the company was reliable, efficient, and quite amazing. It started from my landing at the airport all the way thru to the point I was dropped off back at the airport. To get the full range and scope of this amazing company I used, please find a link to the actual itinerary I chose from them.

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

During the actual trek itself we had 2 porters who carried our big items, and the food / tents etc. for us. In addition to this, we had a very informed, thoroughly knowledgeable guide with us all throughout the trek. Not only did he treat us to a fun and ever lasting memory of this trip, but he would stop along the way and explain things such as details about the history and details about plants and areas we passed through.

Seeing how this is a truly monumental and life long memory of a trip, I have decided to give a greater sense of information of what where topics I had questions about prior and during this trip.

1. WHAT TO PACK: Like most westerners, I am used to taking lots of stuff with me when I travel. This was one trip where packing lightly but EFFECTIVELY proved beneficial.

2. ALTITUDE SICKNESS: I did NOT plan well enough for the altitude adjustment and have put together some ideas and information for how to best handle this.

3. THE HIKE: As hiking was and is not my thing, I will admit that it was trying at times and will be expanding on this part of the trip as I am able to better reflect now.

So in retrospect, even as I type this portion for my website, this trip wasn’t just about seeing Machu Picchu, but more about the lasting memories of my passing through the Salkantay Mountains, and the various waterfalls our group came accross. Not to mention, the amazing little farm we spent an afternoon at where this family of dogs took a liking to me and simply did not want me to go.

It was this and the amazing weather and light rainfall which my mind is allowed to ponder a most enjoyable, spiritual, and absolutely amazing adventure one cannot and should not ever forget.

Globetrotter Chris here!

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