In April 2017, We had the great opportunity to return to the wonderful and AMAZING city of Barcelona, Spain. We have determined, this is where we want to live :). As a treat, we were upgraded to Business Class both to/from and gosh what a treat that was.

We spent two days before our cruise there. We opted to stay at the Generator Hostel which was again lovely and for anyone who bad mouths hostels, should check it out. We then did a wonderful Gothic Walking tour and the next day did the truly amazing GAUDI WALKING TOUR. I am including this as a link as I did a blog on it.

We were excited to visit so many places but one in particular was the paper mache store. The name of it is, and you can visit their site here. While we would not be able to transport such a large one back to the states, we did buy a small one to place on the shelf in our living room.

I will go into greater detail for each port and give ideas of what to do at each one but wanted to include on this page just a few of the highlights. We spent an amazing day walking from the ship over to the old city in Tangiers, Morocco and what an amazing experience that was.

We heard from several cruise ship folks they were scared to get off the ship and at no time did Wendell nor I feel unsafe while there. We loved it and will plan a longer land trip there one day.

We then went over to Las Palmas which is part of the Canary Islands and what a LOVELY place this was. We went on a wonderful Kayaking tour. It was a great workout and was our first time Kayaking as well. Afterwards, we took the Hop-On Hop-Off bus and that was so much fun.

After much debate, we did elect to do a Moon Walking Trekking tour on the Island of Lanzarote. It was interesting to see these two Islands as they could not be completely different than they were. On Lanzarote we witnessed the inside of the Volcano and were treated to a wine tasting.

The cruise ended after 3 amazing days at Sea. One of which was not planned so OF COURSE I had to include pictures as to why. We were not able to dock at Malagana, Spain. So as we promised ourselves we would, we utilized the large slide on the cruise ship and have included the video.

We did spend another day in Barcelona and we were completely caught off guard by visiting the little gem – the Was Museum. It was just unexpected to see the building itself, then the famous people and the various setting where they are on display. And finally, we spent the later part of the day at the Palau Guell. We cannot wait to return to this amazing city that is open, accepting, historical and just plain COOL!!!

As always, as you can see,
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