Who is Globetrotter Chris?

Introduction Video on YouTube:

To explain where the name Globetrotter Chris comes from I need to take you back to my 13th birthday. Mom had just presented me with a Carson, Pirie, Scott catalogue and said to pick something out for my birthday present.  In thumbing through the book, I stumbled upon these little figurines.  My first question to Mom was, what are these. Without missing a beat, she said, those are not for you they are for someone else.

In the same manner, I pushed back and asked again, what are these.  She said, they are called hummels and are too expensive for you. Well, this was all a kid like me needed to initiate the immediate spark which ultimately launched a lifetime of collecting for me.

For many years I’ve collected Steiff, Steuben glass, Quimper pottery, MidCentury modern furniture and countless other objects. In addition I spent more than 10 years aquiring a distinctive art collection which graces the walls of my Northside flat today.

So, how does this name, hummel and traveling combine you may now ask? It is my personal view, too many ordinary people, just like me, are made to believe traveling is not for us. So, it is my intention to share with you my experiences, passion, and opinion…as well as guide you through my belief system about life and travel…

“Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places”…

Email Me with any questions, thoughts, or need ideas for a trip!

Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places