Super Stellar
Stalinist Skyscrapers

Are they HAUNTED too???










IMG_1495[1]GOSH – try saying that three times real fast…

Super Stellar Stalinist Skyscrapers
Super Stellar Stalinist Skyscrapers
Super Stellar Stalinist Skyscrapers

but seriously folks, the Stalinist Skyscrapers are Super Stellar. Oh, and the one I stayed in may be haunted too, story to follow. So as I said, it was my wish to not only see but experience what one of these massive and truly amazing buildings feels like.

So, to begin, the tour guide told me that many people like to refer to them as Seven_Sisters_(Moscow) but NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE will know what you are talking about in Russia because they do not refer to them in this manner.

But, if you were to mention University Of Moscow or let’s say you mention Kotelnicheskaya_Embankment_Building or in my case where I stayed at, the Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya you are more in luck!!!

After deciding to spend some money on ONE night at a nice hotel, I did my research and found the Hilton Leningradskaya. Not only was the hotel reasonable at 60.00 for one night, but they served a truly beautiful buffet breakfast (this was about 25.00$USD) and to top all of this, it was in a true original old Stalinist Skyscraper.

From the moment I stepped foot into the hotel, you could tell is was OLD. I don’t mean old in like, visiting Grandma’s house and the place being shabby old chic, but truly CHIC was this place. The ceiling is beautiful, the furnishings match the original old brass chandeliers and the archway to the elevators is pretty neat…makes you feel like you are about to visit Nkita Khrushchev or perhaps Stalin himself.

Once in my room, the space itself is fine. The windows are nice, the walls are new, and the bathrooms are GREAT!!! But again, it wasn’t necessarily for the room I stayed here but the actual building itself. Now, this was day 5 of my trip and let me tell you, the sight of the pool and jacuzzi was QUITE welcoming. As you can see from the pics, it was awesome…

In the end, I would give this hotel ALL thumbs up! It was clean, quite, everyone speaks English and it was amazing or let me say it in my own words,
This Super Stellar Stalinist Skyscrapers was in fact Super Stellar!

Now folks, as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I said the Skyscrapers are Stellar and indeed they are but, I do think it is HAUNTED too…I have made a video of the story and folks, this is a TRUE story of what happened to me.

Globetrotter Chris reporting on
Hilton Leningradskaya

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