More than just those darn fountains

Peterhof has so much darn NATURE too…




So as I stated in my first blog, yes, da fountains are worth the hype. But what I discovered after spending about 2 hours inside the Palace itself, was that Peterhof also has SO MUCH DARN nature as part of its grounds.

I literally went walking for several hours and found countless benches, where you can sit down. They of course have a cafe but it’s a little $$$. There was also the really fun section for kids and I talk about it in the video I made, where they can run on rocks and see if they dodge the sprinklers from the tree.

But honestly folks, this was much more of my favorite part. Click on my video below for my short blurb on location..



It was filled with trees, flowers, yes more fountains, but countless spots for wonderful moments to take in nature. Ponds galore and they offer a trolley ride to take you through the various areas…


SO just remember folks, you heard it here from me, Peterhof is SO MUCH MORE than just those darn fountains!!! Enjoy!

– Globetrotter Chris on Visit to Peterhof

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