A Cemetery isn’t CREEPY!!!





Well Folks – anyone that does know me, and now those of you that may not know everything about me, knows I love old cemetery’s. In Chicago we have the amazing Graceland Cemetery which I love riding my bike around.

So of course, it was one of the things I looked up before going to Russia by searching for the spot where all the famous people are buried. I found that it is in Novodevichy Cemetery where many of the famous Russians call their final resting spot.

In this Cemetery you have all of the folks most people would and SHOULD know. Such as Yeltsin, Prokofiev, Chekhov, and countless others. For further reading, click HERE.


IMG_1447[1]Aside from all these folks, for me the one person buried here which is most significant for me, is my favorite composer.

Here is where Dmitri Shostakovich, composer is buried. When you enter there is a list of all the people buried there but be warned, they are ALL IN RUSSIAN. But I used google translate to find out how to “spell” his name in Russian. I found him to be located at #248. At first I wasn’t sure exactly how to find the exact spot but some Americans were very nice and gave me their map they had bought.

To get somewhat of an idea of how cool this place is, CREEPY COOL that is, just watch the short video I made on location.




They do sell a map and it is best advised to get this map as it will help you find your way around. Honestly, the place is MUCH BIGGER than you think it to be and it is easy to get lost.

But, getting lost was part of the fun for me. Not lost but just taken aback by all the beautiful and truly artsy monuments they have erected there. Just look at these 2 monuments, after further research I found out that this one was for a famous heart surgeon and the red part of the monument was just too neat. And there was this one amazing resting spot for a famous gemologist.

Folks, the place is FREE and what a great treat to have this part included on my adventure to Novodevichy Convent.

So again folks, as Globetrotter Chris discovered while on location, ORDINARY people can and SHOULD travel to EXTRA ORDINARY places. Thanks for stopping by!!!


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