Holy Historic Canals Batman!!!

Hey Folks – like the title says, “Holy Historic Canals Batman!”. This was a visit to the fun and totally unexpected amazing suggestion Mom made while in Los Angeles in January 2016. Anyone wishing to visit the Historic Canals area, be prepared for the following obstacles:

1. Parking is TERRIBLE around the area. Be prepared to walk a little, as the parking within the are is LIMITED
2. Parking is NOT free on the major streets, but you will have a better chance of getting parking on one
3. The area is visited by many people, but it is a place where people live, so be mindful

After all this though, enjoy the area. The flowers, plants, homes and general spot is AMAZING. Be sure to comment on any of this blog and I will have more details posted about the cruise itself.

And always remember, “ordinary people, like me and you, can travel to extra ordinary places”…

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