Pedal your way through OLD MAZATLAN





Well folks, it’s been a few weeks since Mom and I returned from our AMAZING and SUPER AWESOME Mexican Riviera Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line. I will be writing more about the cruise itself, but am currently in the middle of planning my next two trips for this year. Don’t hate!

The one excursion which Mother and I chose while at Port in Mazatlan was that of the “Bike Tour”. I am including the URL from NCL’s website.

As you can see, the bikes are vintage and gives you that feel of “Old Mexico” and why not be part of it, you are IN MEXICO for crying out loud. Before you leave, you are checked and re-checked for safety. All helmets are included, vests too. I of course only left the helmet on long enough for Mother to take my pic.

The actual company’s information can be found here – EXPLORE MAZATLÁN WITH US!

Now, for all your Cruisers of a CERTAIN AGE. My Mom is 60+, in good shape and JUST LOOK AT HER – doesn’t she look great! She did so well with keeping up with the group and if you are of limited exercise ability, you will be fine. This trip is not very physically demanding. Mom was a pro!

SAFETY: There is always this concern – you have 2 guides with you at all times. The main guide is at the front and there is a guide in the back of the group to make sure no one falls into the Ocean – KIDDING! We were so luck to have Tito as our guide. He was amazing and here is why….

Every so often he would pull the group to the side and explain the history of Mazatlan. He grew up in the area and his passion and love for this city is amazing. He shared with us how the fishermen make their money and offered us fresh lobsters and crab from the buckets on the beach. He shared w/ us the history of the famous fountain w/ the man and sea horses but the highlight is the amazing and truly special Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Thank you to Tito and the folks involved with Baikas Bike Tourcompany who were professional, timely, and absolutely amazing!

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