What’s the buzz with Petra, Jordan?



There’s a MILLION, well maybe not so many, posting/blogs and articles about Petra. So, here is mine! To be asking such a question should be an immediate crime – KIDDING!!! It’s a perfectly normal question to ask, for it is expensive, very hard to get to if you are coming from Egypt, Israel (like I did) or any other neighboring Middle Eastern Country. Having said all this, and coming from me, Petra is WELL WORTH the incredible experience it offers each visitor and yes, “ordinary people can travel to this extra ordinary place”.

To begin, I used the incredible tour company Abraham Tours to book the trip. They guided me through the entire process from beginning to end. They explained the visa process once you cross over from an Israeli bus driver to a Jordanian bus driver. Next, they explained what the Bedouin camp would be like once in Petra. And finally, what you should bring with you. Petra Tour

When you first arrive to Petra, the entrance area is very large, tons of people offering you all types of items from the usual tourist crap to the necessities of water, etc. If you do not have water with you, please be sure to bring some. I was there in May and at that time, in the mid afternoon, it got quite hot. You will definitely want to bring with you comfortable walking shoes. I would also strongly recommend you wear a hat of some short (like I did in the pics you will see), short, and a t-shirt. The change of you becoming “cold” is almost near to impossible.

Now, most of us know the famous facade from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. But once you are in Petra you will shortly learn that it was in fact an operating / thriving city so this makes for lots and lots of self exploring. My group and I decided to skip all the crowds towards the beginning, when everyone still has energy, and rush through to the lesser visited areas of the city. Being in these remote areas lets you take in the history, smell and sights.

One word of warning, I did pass by a white snake so please be careful and WATCH around you. You don’t want to bring back any bites, etc. as souvenir’s. So once we had spent the day touring, walking and exploring we left a good 30 / 40 minutes to take a seat near the front of the “Treasury” which was not very crowded at that time and simply burned the memory of this monument into our minds. Each of us checked and re-checked our cameras to see to it our pictures were satisfactory and in the end, the best picture (the one in our minds) was met w/ satisfaction.

So, to close this “blog” the buzz that’s with Petra is simply SPECTACULAR and MEMORABLE. This was a once in a lifetime experience and will never be forgotten during my lifetime. Thank you for reading and contact me w/ ANY questions.

– Globe Trotter Chris

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