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Who is Globetrotter Chris?

Once upon a time, just kidding, my story is NO Cinderella story but it is a story of someone who has all the drive and passion an Olympic Athlete has for winning a gold medal. But for me, my arena is the globe and trotting all over it, or as many places as I can, is my goal! To begin, one may ask what does the name Globetrotter mean? And more importantly, who is this Globetrotter Chris guy?

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In the end, you will constantly hear me reference my motto: “Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places”…

c and momThis year 2016 is proving to be quite a FRUITFUL journey of traveling for me. It began in January with the amazing cruise to the Mexican Riviera that my Mother and I took together.


I will be writing more about the details of the cruise and will post that page shortly. In the meantime, you can read more about it at the blog I made about the cool bike tour we took:

Pedal your way through OLD MAZATLAN

IMG_1685[1]Also in 2016 I have just returned from a 12 day trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg RUSSIA. And let me tell you folks, what a fun trip this was. I have been writing about it and am getting ready to put my RUSSIA BLOGS and RUSSIA PAGES live.

More than just those darn fountainsPeterhof has so much darn NATURE too…

You need to understand how amazing this place is and because it involved getting a Tourist Visa, I did put up a video I made of explaining what needs to be done to get it:


Last year, 2015, I was lucky enough to go on TWO amazing trips. The first was in May where I spent Passover in Israel. It was an amazing experience. This is a photo of the wonderful people whom I met at the Fauzi Azar Inn hostel in Nazareth. I am working on pages sharing my various experiences and again, used the services of Abraham Tours. I am including a link to my pages on Israel for further reading…

Northern Israel Trip – 2015

20151007_172159Then in October my partner and I took the most amazing trip to EGYPT. Let me tell you folks, this was one of the most amazing trips ever. I wrote a blog about it, and have a section listed w/ information and reviews of the company

Egypt – October 2015 (Memphis Tours)
we used.

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Email Me with any questions, thoughts, or need ideas for a trip!

Ordinary people can travel to extra ordinary places